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Chinese lessons

We offer Chinese lessons in El Medano, in the south of Tenerife. At our Academy, you will find personal improvement, academic and work benefits, or the possibility of meeting people from a completely new culture, here are some other reasons you may not have thought of:

clases de chino
  • With more than 1.4 billion speakers, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. This fact, added to the incessant growth of the Chinese economy, means that this language is already today the key to open new doors and economic opportunities. 
  • How would you feel if you were able to read Chinese books or understand Chinese series and movies? With our individual Chinese classes in the south of Tenerife, you will have first-hand access to a millenary cultural universe in the form of literature, theatre, music, and also to its contemporary productions, be it series or movies.
  • In today’s globalised world, full of opportunities for those who know how to look for them, Chinese is a great asset and therefore knowing this language will allow you to improve your employability and differentiate yourself from other candidates. Currently, Chinese companies are investing more and more in Spain, in an upward trend. This transpires the fact that the Chinese language is here to stay in the business world.
  • How many people can you name who speak Chinese, from the top of your head? Can you imagine being one of them? Test your limits with an unparalleled linguistic challenge that will provide you with an incredible new set of skills and the satisfaction of self-improvement through our Chinese classes in the south of Tenerife.

One to One

Completely personalised Chinese lessons where you will immerse into the language with the helping hand of an experienced professional who will ease the wavy path of learning such a challenging language.


Among the advantages of the ONE to ONE method we find:


  • Flexibility to adapt your schedules in a way that’s convenient for you.


  • Individual Chinese lessons will be adapted to your specific needs and aims. Seize the time! 


  • Decide your own learning pace without having to worry about time limitations; your voucher won’t expire.
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Individual lessons

If you wish to take a course tailored to your needs in a friendly atmosphere that can get the most out of the Chinese lessons, this is the voucher you are looking for. 


This voucher is completely flexible so that appointments can be arranged quickly via telephone contact, plus it does not expire so any sessions that may need to be postponed can be rearranged at no additional cost for you.

10 sessions of 1 hour:  300€

Duo lessons
"2 people"

If you know a family member, friend or coworker with the same needs and objectives as you, this voucher can be adapted to what you are looking for. It consists of 10 individual one hour lessons which will be shared by that other person. This means that you can share these Chinese lessons with him or her and at the same time in El Medano, in the south of Tenerife and benefit from the special price this duo voucher offers.

10 sessions of 1 hour:  360€

Trio lessons "3 people"

This is a voucher for a small group of three people, so, if you happen to know two friends, family members or coworkers who share your language needs, you can benefit from this voucher together, sharing lessons in a cosy group. 


All individual or group vouchers offered by the academy must be cancelled or confirmed 12 hours in advance in order to manage the Chinese lessons. If this is not done, the session will be considered as given, regardless of whether the student has attended or not. Therefore, please communicate with the management to guarantee the correct management of the classes.

10 sessions of 1 hour:  420€