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English lessons - groups and levels

At OLA, in the south of Tenerife, we have English courses at different levels based on age.  We have three main English lessons categories: Infants, Beginners (Pre-Cambridge) and Official levels.


We are committed to developing the necessary skills our students need to, on the one hand, fulfil their academic requirements, as well as to assess and prepare them for the qualification of certified official exams.

(3-6 years)

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English lessons for infants in the south of Tenerife


English classes for children in the infant stage.


We follow a method based on learning English through a dynamic of games, songs and activities designed to stimulate their listening development and English phonemes.

(1º/2º/3º primaria)

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English lessons for primary school children in the south of Tenerife


In this group, we work to develop the student’s ability to connect Spanish and English common vocabulary and expressions in a bilingual fashion. Their learning will focus around the identification, association and reading comprehension of bite-sized chunks of real language.The vocabulary will be tailored to each and every one of our student’s school and age needs.

(4º/5º primaria)

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English lessons for primary school children in the south of Tenerife


At this age, and moving forward into the dynamics we have been building up from previous years, pupils will have developed the competences equivalent to A1 (CEF), having interiorised the processes of association of ideas in both languages, being able to understand and use everyday expressions as well as being able to produce simple phrases aimed at satisfying elementary needs, developing vocabulary and grammar in accordance to their academic requirements. Developing their ability to organise their ideas in English properly and coherently.

(6º primaria)

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English lessons for primary school children in the south of Tenerife


Continuing with the method already applied in previous courses at OLA, in this last Pre-Cambridge level, our students develop the necessary skills pertaining to A2 level (CEF). At this level, students develop the ability to understand longer sentences and express their ideas through oral and written ways, showing a certain command of grammatical structures and a vocabulary adapted to their needs, as well as being.

ESO - Bach

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Clases ESO-Bach



After the age of 12, groups will be formed according to the level established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) of our students, from A2 to B2, developing the skills and competences required for each level according to their progression in the language.


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 English lessons for adults in the south of Tenerife


This type of course is aimed at students over the age of 18 who are looking to increase their communication skills. A more practical approach, focused on providing the necessary tools to get by in practical life.


Personalised classes where you will learn English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese with a certified professional in order to develop the necessary skills to perform more effectively in the educational field or in your job. You can achieve all that here at our Academy based in El Medano, in the south of Tenerife.


  • Academic: we help you improve the language skills you need to make your academic life easier.
  • Workplace: Specialised courses for professionals who need to use Spanish or English in their work environment. 
    • Hospitality industry
    • Catering
  • Business Spanish/ English: Develop your Speech skills, be able to give a convincing sales pitch, learn how to show your leadership prowess in a foreign language, and master the communication skills you need for your business or company.
  • Preparation for Official Exams
    • Administrative procedures 
    • Tailored advice 
    • We will make you sure you won’t miss the date of your certification
clases personalizadas one to one

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