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Spanish for foreigners

In the Canary Islands we have paradisiac beaches, landscapes to fall in love with… and El Médano, a place to enjoy everything our island has to offer with your family, friends or partner. A quiet place, where you can find the best natural sandy beach of all of Tenerife for both children and adults to enjoy windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling… you name it!


Seize the opportunity and take our personalised Spanish lessons for foreigners in the south of Tenerife and learn the language with the help of certified native teachers. 


Just a couple of days and you will feel transported into a world of serenity and peace, marinated with the wavy lines of the sea, the sand and the everlasting sun. This location offers a balm for your senses, take this opportunity to mix with the locals and speak Spanish with them in a daydreaming environment.

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It is possible to spend a few days and feel that you are in a world of tranquillity and good vibes, all influenced by the sea, the sand and the sun. There is nothing that this combination of elements can’t cure, take the opportunity to take spanish lessons for foreigners in the south of Tenerife.

Fully personalised classes, tailored to your needs, where you will learn Spanish with a certified native professional to develop the skills you need to better perform in the academic world or in the workplace.

  • Academic: we help you improve the language skills you need to make your academic life easier.
  • Workplace: specialised Spanish for foreigners in the south of Tenerife for professionals who need to use Spanish or English in their work environment.
    • Hospitality industry
    • Catering
  • Business Spanish: Develop your Speech skills, be able to give a convincing sales pitch, learn how to show your leadership prowess in a foreign language, and master the communication skills you need for your business or company.
  • Preparation for Official Exams
    • Administrative procedures 
    • Tailored advice 
    • We will make you sure you won’t miss the date of your certification

With this flexible teaching method you will be able to organise your day to day according to your specific needs in a way that will allow you to enjoy your immersion into the Spanish culture while you learn the language.


As for the different modalities that we have in this programme, there are 3 types of vouchers that can be purchased

Individual Lessons

If you wish to take a course tailored to your needs in a friendly atmosphere that can get the most out of the classes, this is the voucher you are looking for. 


This voucher is completely flexible so that appointments can be arranged quickly via telephone contact, plus it does not expire so any sessions that may need to be postponed can be rearranged at no additional cost for you.

10 sessions of 1 hour:  250€

Duo lessons
"2 people"

If you know a family member, friend or coworker with the same needs and objectives as you, this voucher can be adapted to what you are looking for. It consists of 10 individual sessions of 1 hour which will be shared by that other person.


This means that you can share this language teaching experience with him or her and at the same time benefit from the special price this duo voucher offers.

10 sessions of 1 hour:  300€

Trio lessons
"3 peoples"

This is a voucher for a small group of three people, so, if you happen to know two friends, family members or coworkers who share your language needs, you can benefit from this voucher together, sharing lessons in a cosy group. 


All individual or group vouchers offered by the academy must be cancelled or confirmed 12 hours in advance in order to manage the sessions. If this is not done, the session will be considered as given, regardless of whether the student has attended or not. Therefore, please communicate with the management to guarantee the correct management of the classes.

10 sessions of 1 hour:  350€

Course for residents

If you are interested in spending a long period of time on the island and enjoying all that the island has to offer while taking Spanish lessons for foreigners in the south of Tenerife to communicate more effectively with your surroundings, this is the course for you.


Speak fluent Spanish with your friends, live experiences in the area, and learn in real life situations all with the help of our Spanish lessons for foreigners in the south of Tenerife.


  • Talk to your friends about topics that interest you.
  • Go shopping or pay a visit to a professional (doctor, veterinarian…)
  • Communicate fluently and confidently.
  • Become a local, mingle with native speakers!

Enrolment fee: 45€

ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) General: 70€

ingles para adultos